Union's Property, 2016

Part of the próprio-impróprio exhibition, at Galeria Leme, São Paulo, 2016

Four machettes assume the shape
of indigenous territories (Yanomami, Xingu, Paresi, Utiariti). The morphology of the territory-machettes brings to light the ambiguity of these objects, which exists as much as tools as weapons.

The territory shaped machettes and
the cutting edge rise the discussion regarding frontiers and territorial claims, common theme in the actual reality of indigenous people in Brazil.

The title “Union Property” expresses an ambiguity in relation to this effort to draw borders: at the same time that this is the expression used to name indigenous lands (who use it, but still belong the federal government), the words that compose the expression,

if taken literally, refers to an effort of these people’ struggle, as a specific population segment.

Just like the tool is the weapon and
the cutting surface transforms itself in territory, the expression unfolds in other meanings.

Water cut steel, plastic and enamel 120 x 165 cm

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