Right of reply, 2014

Project developed for residency at Matadero, Madrid.

Right of reply is part of a trilogy of works that deals with infiltrations at specific places that are related to the official version on the discovery of America his- tory. Therefore, I have chosen to carry out in- terventions in the main documental source of this event in Europe, it means Madrid, such as squares, monuments, commemorative plaques, museums, etc.

I have subtracted part of a bronze plaque that was attached to the ground in the monumen- tal complex of Jardines del Descobrimiento [Discovery Gardens], which has been melted, converted into another plaque and reinserted into the monumental complex, its original spot. It read: AL FINAL DEL OCÉANO ESTABA EL ABISMO [At the end of the ocean there was the abyss]

This sentence contradicted another one, en- graved in one of the monoliths of the complex, which read: Ademas de las tres partes del mun- do existe otro continente mas allá del oceano [In addition to the three parts of the world there is another continent beyond the ocean]. By March 2015, the plaque had not yet been perceived and withdrawn by the management. None of these actions were communicated and/or ob- tained prior authorization to be executed.

Using the same metal as base, this new plaque is infiltrated in the official discourse circuit to discuss its historical value as a communication source, also representing the medieval fear of navigators when facing the abyss of the un- known Atlantic Ocean.

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