Oro, 2014

Project developed for residency at Matadero, Madrid, 2014.

Action planning: clandestinely apply gold leafs, in geometric shapes, on the pages of books on Latin American history, located on the National Library of Spain.

The work was carried out for 45 days, during regular visits to the library, registered with phone photographs, also prohibited by the institution. To compose the exhibition of those photographs, 30 of them were selected from a total of 90 performed. After done a normal user registration, every day I leaned over

the books to make the interventions with the gold leaves in their pages, gluing them lightly with water and returning them to the consulting shelves.

Spain, in my opinion, is the center for the documentation on the Discovery of America. My main objective was, precisely, to intervene directly on the main source of official discourses re- lated to the theme. For this reason, I have visited monuments, libraries and thematic museums for the accomplishment of clandestine interventions.

18 units 35 x 30 cm
digital prints
105 x 280 cm

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