Obelisk, 2014

Project developed to the Pampulha Museum fellowship, at Belo Horizonte, Brasil. 

Obelisk was developed as part of a research about natural resources exploitation in geological scale. Its starting point was the enormous inverted mountains, giant quarries generated by industrial mining that surrounds the city of Belo Horizonte, where Museu da Pampulha was located.

Just like in Potosí, Bolívia, the mountain was consumed to fuel the European metal capitalism. Mountains keep being transformed in industrialized products in geological scale. It’s very common to find these giant quarries cutting the landscape into enormous holes in this region. Mining is a traditional activity there since times of colony.

Obelisks are monuments of elation to power, to approach humans to the divine, pointing to the sky. Many times they are cast straight out from the stone as a monolith, creating emptiness in a mountain to elevate power. The inverted obelisk goes in a different direction, as a counter shape to this ambition.  


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