Inmigrant Heraclitus, 2018

Project developed to the Despacio residency, at San Jose, Costa Rica, 2018. 

This sculpture made out of reclaimend material focused on the study on the constant rainfall in the Central American region, lasting almost 8 months a year. The recurring floods and storms in the country, as well as the transient nature of the waters, led me to think about the migrations’ movements, both those related to colonization

and those of the present population, who live in precarious conditions and in constant displacement. Installed on a roof of green tiles, opposite the institute, the improvised ferry

made from found timbers
and barrels, carried the expression “nós trasladamos”, Spanish version for “to pass on the lease”. The title of the work refers to a sentence by Heraclitus, whose concept says that a “person never enters the same river twice”


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