Illusion of Space: Vanishing Point, 2013

Filmed at Quebrada de Humahuaca, at the north of Argentina, 2013

A land conflict in the desert valley of Humahuaca, northern Argentina left a burned bus as a witness of a murder. The site was once part of the Andean cultural system through the Inca occupation and currently lives from tourism incomes, suffering great financial speculation, especially after being declared as World Heritage Site by Unesco.

The organization Titi Guerra played a violent land takeover on the outskirts of the city of Humahuaca. When confronted by locals, a gunshot was fired, hitting and killing Luis Dario “Pato” [Duck] Condori. The residents, in rebellion, expelled the members of Titi Guerra and burned down the buses, which remained as monuments outside the town, in its area of ex- pansion.

The overlapping of the wreckage of the bus on the desert bay formed a grid in space. As passing through the desert and even being confronted with this story, I could see only a rusty drawing on a landscape. The illusion of perspective, however, a traditional concept from European Renaissance, here falling on the Andean desert, brought another discovery: the day that Christopher Columbus supposedly set foot in Central America was the same as the death of Piero della Francesca, an Italian researcher of perspective, whose charts appear on the im- ages of the video.

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