Hunt, 2020

Part of the No man's land exhibition, at Galeria Leme, 2020.

There is a certain kind of war ruins in the forest: vehicles, tractors, trucks, warehouses, all of them incinerated in land conflicts between locals, invaders, loggers, squatters, prospectors and government agents.

A legal device in the Environmental Crimes Law seeks to affect finnancially illegal activities by burning infraestructure and machinery. Retaliation involves the same kind of payback with fire on indigenous communities and government equipment. All kinds of fire remains rests at the forest as whitness of irregular occupation for primary extraction of commodities.

“Game Meat” also deals with fire. But not that lively, red, active fire. This sculptures brings a past fire, black soot, resulting after the fire vanishes. The car parts are burned then marked with hand drawn,  irregular, geometrical motifs with asphalt. This graphics recall – though they don’t mimic – a mixture of references, such as animal skins, as if they were the texture of stretched animal carcasses.  

Hunt, fire vestiges, old carcasses scattered throughout the space. All this leads us to ancestral living forms, which through thousands of years were sovereign at the brazilian territory. Vehicles and asphalt, however, are industrial and modern living signs, distant from the ideal of nature. The sculptures aims to cross this significants.


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