Diversion, 2015

Project for the KIOSKO residency, Santa Cruz de la Sierra, 2015

The work addresses the utopian attempt to displace the imaginary line of the Tropic of Capricorn, which passes just below the Bolivian border with Chile.

This relation with the imaginary geographical lines and that impossible attempt use Geography as the basis for a specific fight between Bolivia and Chile (Chile’s stealing of the access to the sea) and a global conflict that is the human action as a geophysical force that modifies the landscape.

The relation with the Sun is also addressed by the work in two moments: the tropics represent the last terrestrial latitude where the sun affects 90o, as

well as the Andean culture guarantees to the Sun a crucial importance in its religious culture.

The attempt to displace this geographical line represents a breakdown in geophysical and geopolitical relations through a symbolic attitude. The impossibility and distance between the acts of proposition and

its achievement (a small action for a gigantic displacement) consider exactly how these immense boundaries are only lines in a paper and refer to the utopian movements of the Latin American left wing. The way this line is displaced symbolically follows the format of the communication signs found in the town of Santa Cruz de la Sierra.
Diversion, 2014 Action and documentation

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